Software for Analyzing Brain Scans

Scientists at the Center for Neurosciences (CFN) at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research (FIMR) have long relied on in-house software for processing and analyzing multimodality neuroimaging data. CFN is now providing the software, known as ScAnVP (Scan Analysis and Visualization Processor), free of charge to the medical research community.

This software has been optimized for PET scanning; the software is also applicable to ASL-MRI and VBM-MRI, as well as several other modalities such as SPECT. We do not recommend extending its application to functional neuroimaging with MRI (fMRI).

Please give us your name, email contact and institutional affiliation in the form below (required); this information will enable us to notify you whenever software updates become available.

We would also like to know how you plan to use ScAnVP software in your imaging studies. So please continue with the form, telling us which patient populations you’ll be studying and what imaging modalities you’ll be applying ([18F]-FDG PET, [18F]-FDOPA PET, CBF-PET, DTI, etc.). Providing this information is entirely voluntary, and it will be used only for statistical purposes: it will not be released individually, and any statistical uses will be stripped of all identifying information.

Add any further comments you may have in the “Comments” box, type the text in the “Captcha” box (the one below the “Comments” box–this is to prevent computer programs from downloading the software automatically), and finally click “Submit.” You will then receive instructions from us by email, explaining how to download and install the software.

ScAnVP software is copyright © 2018 The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.